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A brief story of 500+ year old, dilapidated jain temple at Magaral near kanchipuram in Tamil nadu

Sri AdhiBhagawan JanmaKalyan celebrations on 14-3-10
Jai Jinendra
Magaral is a village about 15 KM from Kanchipuram. About 12 Km from Uththiramerur .It is located on the Kanchipuram – Uththiramerur road. (it is 2Km from Aarpakkam a famous Jaina pilgrimage temple)
Once a famous Jaina village ,Magaral has Jaina, Siva and Vaishnava temples. The pity is that the Jain temple dedicated to Sri Rishaba deva known as Adhi Bhagawan was completely in a dilapidated condition for a long period (till it was rebuilt), probably due to wanton destruction in the distant past by the forces opposed to Ahimsa Dharma. Wild bushes grown over, unapproachable, damaged completely, this temple (-may be 500 years old-) brought tears in the eyes of Devotees.
Dedicated devotees Late G.Jeevendran of Chrompet- Chennai, Sri Appachi nainar of Vangaram Village, played major role in the resurrection of this temple. With devotion, sincerity, dedication (at the age of 80+) they had left no stone unturned. They set the goal- rebuilding the temple; and whether it is a downpour or scorching sun they made it a point to tour different villages and town to mobilize funds for this noble cause. They had succeeded. A new temple with Manasthamb was constructed – This year they have added Elephant vahana used for Rathosthava.

Bhagawan Rishabha Janma kalyan was celebrated on 14-3-10.

After several centuries the idol of Bhagawan Rishabha mounted on elephant vahana was taken in procession on the streets of Magaral.

Songs in praise of the Lord of The three worlds were sung. Devotees chanted Namokara Manthra and in praise of Adhinatha Bhagwan.there were many programmmes.
Lectures were arranged.
on Jeevaka sinthamani , Silappathikaram and Thirukkural (these greatest Tamil classical literatures are gifts of great Jaina Acharyas only)

Abishek, pooja were performed,

Please visit protect and donate for the maintenance of this Temple

we present a video recording of celebrations

Jai Jinendra

Nelliyankulam Prof.Dr. Kanaka. Ajithadoss jain

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Construction of New Digamber Jinalayam for the newly found Thirthankar idols at Kolappakkam (behind Minampakkam Airport)-Chennai

Construction nearing completion- A report

Sri Jinaya Namah:

Dear All

This is about report on the progress of construction of a Jinalayam(Temple) in Kolappakkam -a suburb of Chennai- 8 km from Guindy where two Thirthankar idols were discovered and Bhumi Pooja was performed

The video of the Bhoomi Pooja, Thirthankar idols discovered and the temple being constructed, are presented for your kind information

The Bhumi pooja function for a new Jinalayam to be dedicated to Adhi Bhagawan was a solemn , grand function.The entire Kolappakkam residents thronged and took part in the function.

The new jinalayam is constructed in its original place itself where some pillars of the old Jinalayam are still lying on the ground as mute spectators of The ascent and the descent -which Jains faced here, It is interesting to note that the street where the old jinalayam existed ( now reconstructed) was once called Vellayan street- Vellyan is the common name for tamil jains- (Velalar- one who cultivates the land- velalar- vellalar- vellayan). There are two idols one Sri Adhi Bhagwan- the other Sri Mahavira- Though the old temple had a vast area . now due to to encroachment a small piece of land alone is remaining.

Any how with an estimate of 2 lakhs very generously donated with great devotion by Sri M.K.Jain, the construction has started. It is he who motivated to start the work immediately. of course - Jain Youth Forum - Mukkudai- as usual involved with humility and devotion.

Now the work is nearing completion.

Today (16-02-2010), Engineer Thiru . A.Chinnadurai under whose supervision and care the work is progressing and myself visited the place and. he gave some suggestions

Samyak Darsan

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1330 songs on 133 jain temples of Tamil nadu

Sri Jinayanamah. Samyak Darsan
Dear All
Now Thamizhaga Jaina kshetra maalai -Devotional songs on the Moolanayaks of 133 jain temples in Tamil Nadu Available- 10 songs for each- Pathigam- Thus 1330 songs are avilable- A masterpiece by Thiruvarak kavingnar Pulavar D.Jambukumaran. This was published by Mukkudai ( Jain Youth Forum).

To contct
Prof. Dr. Kanaka. Ajithadoss-

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